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T Bolt Hose Clamp

Jun 14, 2017

T Bolt Hose Clamp Product Detail

Basic Info

  • Delivery:30 Days

  • Origin:China

T Bolt Hose Clamp Product Description

T clamp/T bolt hose clamp
1. Standard T clamps
2. The width of the band: 14mm 19.5mm
3. Nominal Hose OD DN: 36-48, 50, 54, 66-100, 102-300, 300-ABOVE
4. Max supply diameter: DN+2, DN+1
5. Mini: DN-2, DN-
6. Recommed installation Torque: B=14, 5.65/50(Nm/Ib-inch), b=19.5 8.5/75(Nm/Ib-inch)
7. Material: SS, Carbon Steel(AISI )

8.T Bolt Hose Clamp  Advantage:
Flexibility: Use of thin flexible S. S. Material is an advantage to fitment of variable uniform circular surface as against fixed sectional circular thick walled M. S. Clamps. Circular arc of Jupiter is adjustable to slight change in the diameter of the mating part which lags in the later.

Wider Bandwidth: Wider bandwidth helps in distribution of total radial clamping pressure more uniformly and equally than narrow width or wire clamp
Vibration-Proofness: Use of self locking nyloc nut or spring helps to avoid re-opening because of vibrations.

T Bolt Hose Clamp Strength: Use of High tensile S. S. Material in spite of its thin guage helps to secure safety of the euipments and it's longer life.

T Bolt Hose Clamp Light Weight: For the equivalent strength of T-Bolt clamps other design out of M. S. Will necessitate bigger weight, which may not be permissible or desirable.

Clamping of Metallic inserts: Clamping of splitted, tubular sheet riser such as Air Cleaner over it's metallic tube insert is possible by Jupiter T-Bolt clamp due to it's inherited quality of flexibility and above features.

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