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Sino-Indian Trade Exports Of Five Major Risk Prevention

Dec 28, 2016

1 the China-India trade which are likely victims of a dispute?

Duped most of China township enterprises and self-employed persons, general lack of experience in international trade and basic common sense, weak risk awareness; India smaller companies pulling cargo then tend to disappear or change back to register a new company.

2 which payment methods, Sino-Indian trade risky?

Sino-Indian trade in the D/A or D/P methods of payment risk, because both of these payment methods belong to commercial credit, and India have not yet completed the construction of the domestic credit system, there is a big loophole in Sino-Indian trade, therefore to maintain risk awareness, should as far as possible the use of credit and high manners of payment. In the context of the current financial crisis continues to spread, L/C forward risks, even bank credit, India customers likely due not to pay ransom. To ensure that your funds safely, try not to use l/c long term payment.