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Review And Prospect Of Global Cotton Market With China

Dec 28, 2016

China is the world's largest cotton producer and consumer and importer, which has been maintained for many years, but in the future we could make some changes in the three most.

Now is the world's largest producer, 30% per cent of global production, but over the next few years are likely to be India instead. At present, India cotton acreage is the world's largest, high yield, with the higher quality, yield management technology in the future, India will become the world's largest cotton-producing countries.

China textile industrial powerhouse is the world's biggest cotton consumer, global demand for 40%. Although India cotton demand is ranked second in the world but share is very small, much smaller demand, China's first textile country and largest consumer of cotton will not change.

China's cotton output more stable, area of arable land to grow food, because the area under cultivation will not increase, so production is not likely to increase sharply. Textile industries decision will not change the status of the biggest cotton consumer in China, so China's largest importer of cotton's status in the next few years will also be maintained.