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Metals Industry In China: An Urgent Need To End Domain

Dec 28, 2016

Hardware business from the early 80 's in the number of more than 2000 companies to more than more than 50,000 now. Super million-scale enterprises from 1988 statistics three rings, not even, solid edge, great wall 14 companies such as Seiko, wendeng maxpower, rapidly goes up to more than 100 enterprises. Today, the hardware companies have mostly modern factories.

China's hardware industry grew up hardware to modern hardware, including tools and hardware, architectural hardware, locks and security products, kitchen products, daily-use hardware, several major areas and annual trade totaling 1 trillion dollars in the international market. From 1996 to the present, China has established a zipper, electric razor, stainless steel utensils, pans, blades, bicycle lock 14 technical development center, pressure cookers, electric shaving, lighters and other 16 products. These centres have developed a biometric fingerprint lock, explosive compound stainless steel kitchen knife, scissors, fire-proof zipper, remote-controlled electric pressure cooker filled the blank in domestic products, greatly improves the competitiveness of enterprises.

In addition, the hardware industry intellectual property rights ownership continues to expand, increasing technological innovation product, only scale enterprises with innovative products, each at least a few, and some even more than more than 10. Variety shows, Chinese hardware from "made in China" to "created in China".