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Global Economic Weakness Or A Drag On Our Economic Growth In The Next Year

Dec 28, 2016

Control effect of price control policy appears, the current price hikes slowed in China October CPI inflation fell back to 6%. Parties began to re-examine the environment for economic operation in China and principal contradiction and inflation fears weakened and macroeconomic trends for next year has been highly concerned about.

This year GDP is expected to remain more than 9% growth

Widely expected, although four quarter China's economy is still likely to continue to fall, but GDP growth for the year is expected to remain above 9%. Accepted an interview with the school of Economics of Renmin University Professor Zheng Chaoyu, told reporters: "the expected rise in GDP growth this year is about 9.4%. "Professor of Tsinghua University Li daokui, Director of the Department of finance in the Chinese financial industry's annual Summit, said growth this year was 9.2%, compared to 10.4% last year dropped significantly. The Chinese economic situation issued by the Chinese Academy of social sciences analysis and forecast – autumn 2011 report is expected in 2011, China's GDP growth will reach around 9.4%.