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Discussion On The Factors Affecting The Heat Treatment Process Of High Strength Fasteners

Dec 28, 2016

1. the participants

Quality control in process control, not just rely on a few people or a few departments can be done. So, to do the following, in order:

(1) clear responsibilities and authorities of all categories of personnel, provides good employees in exercising such rights must shoulder the responsibility of solving.

(2) there are plans to organize job training and qualification of important posts, so as to enhance the skills of personnel and quality control skills.

2. equipment and tooling

(1) production equipment and tooling are many kinds of heat treatment, sometimes with some measuring instruments. Therefore, requires operators to strictly comply with the equipment and tooling measuring operation, civilized operation, proper maintenance.

(2) heat treatment equipment maintenance personnel to equipment maintenance and periodic maintenance work and to improve equipment maintenance at the right time.

(3) strict implementation of the Tools workstation management system, management system of strict implementation of the measures, according to indirect measuring instrument calibration, repair and identification.