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China's Economy In 2012: Opportunities And Challenges

Dec 28, 2016

China's economy does not appear above the so-called negative results, the reason is that China's economy in 2012, there are still several favorable factors:

Economic work Conference determines the "steady into" economic policy orientation, laid the foundations for governance 2012 economic downturn trend. This is reflected not only in the year 2011 four seasons since the monetary policy and fiscal policy shift, more important in the future, active fiscal policy and a prudent monetary policy will be conducted according to the specific economic situation, adjustment of pace and focus in order to meet "steady growth" target is achieved.

Of fiscal policy space is large, positive financial position through tax cuts and increased spending to hedge falling power. Due to the inflation pressure has been relieved, the bubble will also be fundamental governance, so as to provide more space to relax monetary policy.