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China Abrasives Industry Energy-saving And Emission Reduction Is Imperative

Dec 28, 2016

2010 national to complete "Eleven-Five" energy saving and emission reduction goals, Shanxi, Henan and Ningxia and other regions a large number of alumina production enterprises shut down. For corundum 2011 energy saving and emission reduction policies, Shen Lanying of senior industry experts give their own opinion, "2011 energy saving and emission reduction policies countries will be more strict, will not be easy, for corundum smelting process air, dust pollution treatment in abrasive business had to do. Now Shanxi, Brown fused alumina production technology of energy saving and environmental protection in Henan province has been completed, alumina production in Guizhou enterprise may be more serious in the new year. 2011 as the economy started to recover after the financial crisis, abrasives industry there will be some changes. "

Cui Yu defends pointed out that the Secretary-General of the abrasives branch, abrasives as a special industry, abrasive refining problems in energy saving and emission reduction. At present domestic overcapacity of corundum, next will focus on national policies is corundum industry out backward production capacity, shutting down small and medium alumina production of some high energy-consuming enterprises, eliminating low-power furnace, encourages superior enterprises grow. Guiyang Abrasives Association General Secretary Zhang can say at present some Abrasives businesses in China and some countries banned the use of outdated production equipment continues to try, to this part of the business will be the 2011 focus out businesses.