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British Type Hose Clamp (9.7mm or 11.7mm)

Sep 29, 2017

British Type Hose Clamp (9.7mm or 11.7mm) Product Detail

Basic Info

  • Material:Stainless Steel

  • British Type Hose Clamp Usage:Pipe Clamp

  • Structure:F Clamp

  • British Type Hose Clamp Standard:Standard

  • Size:12-20

  • Specification:DIN 3017

  • HS Code:7307290000

British Type Hose Clamp (9.7mm or 11.7mm) Product Description

British tube clamp:

1. Design according to your requirements completely!

2. Professional quality, Full range

3. High-end products, competitive price.

4. Bandwidth: 9.7 mm or 11.7mm

British Type Hose Clamp (9.7mm or 11.7mm)  Product Feature:
1. Use the open internal and external circle structure, and with screw fixed. It is effectively to solve the problem that when small diameter solft tube connect the hared tube, it is easy appear dead angle, and liquid or gas leakage problem. Easy structure, Easy maked.

2. Edge is no burrfree, it is ability to prevent the tube damaged.

3. By a efficiently hydrogen relief treatment, long-term use needn't to worry fracture and other problems.

4. Accord with DIN3017 Standard. By 48 hours salt and fog test, it has a good corrosion resistance.

5. By last 36 hours elastic test, to insure a high strength mechanical properties.

6. Easy to fix.

British Type Hose Clamp (9.7mm or 11.7mm) Applied Range
Widely used in Auto Industry, petrochemical industry, pharmacy, food wine sewage treatment, Purification dust removal auto parts and other machine parts.

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