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Steel price steel industry news---in an awkward dilemma of

Dec 28, 2016

According to the well-known steel spot trading platform "West new route" provides the latest market reports, compared with steel prices May continue falling in June, Shanghai building steel market showed "hard bottom" features steel price dilemma, approximate cost line, fell without may fall, sell down 35%.

Market participants think that June construction steel market in Shanghai is available "tangled" two words describe almost half a month "sideways" not adjusting steel prices in an awkward dilemma. In June, wire rod, Rebar in Shanghai Terminal purchase amount roughly flat from the previous month, but fell sharply from a year earlier to 35%, intermediate demand admission to show restraint. Need for strong or weak pattern is set, steel prices approximate cost line, rigid support cost effects begin to emerge, the steel mill "topping up" the space reduced substantially, and businesses little willingness to fall, steel prices "fell beyond the fall".