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Aluminum alloy doors and Windows aluminium material knowledge

Dec 28, 2016

Using energy-efficient materials. Due to the development of new materials, the main material of the composition window (frame material, glass, seals, metal accessories and shading, and so on) technology has made rapid progress, using energy-saving materials is an effective way of energy saving in Aluminum-clad wood Windows and doors. Box material: window profiles about cover 15%%~30%% of the window hole, another weak point is the loss of energy in the building external Windows, therefore, selection of window profiles is also essential. Current framework for many types of energy-saving Windows, such as: insulated aluminum, insulated steel, plastic extrusions, aluminum alloy doors and Windows, etc. Among them, the heat insulation aluminum energy saving effect is better, more widely used, it not only preserves the advantages of aluminum, aluminum heat transfer coefficient is also greatly reduced. Heat insulation aluminum thermal bridge is used in aluminum profile section (thermal bridge) technology allows the profiles are divided into internal and external. Heat insulation aluminum and aluminum alloy doors and Windows.