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After fasteners hot galvanized what advantages

Dec 28, 2016

1, good reliability: is a metallurgical bond between zinc and steel became part of the steel surface and hence the durability of the coating is more reliable;

2, comprehensive protection: every part of piece is coated with zinc plating, even in the depression, sharp corners and hiding place can be fully protected;

3, low processing costs: costs of hot-dip galvanized rust-proof than other low cost paint coating;

4, save time and effort: galvanized construction method is more efficient than other coating, and avoid brushing on the site after the time required for installation;

5, durable: in suburban environments, the standard thickness of the galvanized rust can keep more than 50 years without having to patch; in urban areas or offshore, is hot-galvanized rust-proof layer can be maintained for 20 years without repair;

6, coating toughness: galvanized layer is formed a special metallurgical structure, this structure can withstand when used in transport and mechanical damage.

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